Monday, February 11, 2013


As a general rule, I like to take inventory of my life on a regular basis, much in the same way that I say that it's important to take inventory of your body's available ranges of pain-free motion in the Function Test of Tai Cheng. This is especially true for me around the Chinese New Year.

As I look at the faces of my children, reflect on the trials & tribulations of this past year (as well as the trials and tribulations of those close to my heart), examine the successes and strong points of those whom I respect, and reprioritize my resources based on who and what I have become, I've come to some important realizations that things must change in order to evolve.

I've been teaching for just over 2 decades, both privately and in group classes. At one time, I taught group classes 7 days a week, while I was an undergrad. Until very recently, I taught regular group classes only on Saturday & Sunday mornings at a martial arts school in West LA.

But as my son grows more teachable & impressionable, and I see my elders and peers age, it becomes more and more apparent to me that I need to honor the "last wishes" rule: e.g., if asked at the end of my life if I had any last wishes or regrets, what would those be?

Would they be that I didn't spend enough time teaching group classes?

Would they be that I didn't put enough effort into traveling the world?

Would they be that I didn't give enough to the people I've already been giving plenty to?

Highly improbable.

Especially this Chinese New Year, for some reason, my heart's been aching for me to devote more time to some pursuits that really define what I think are some of the best parts of my heritage, my legacy, my learning, and my skills... most of which revolve around the traditional Chinese martial arts.

All the good things that I've ever had in my life came to me through my involvement in the martial arts. I've made no secret of that, and anyone who's been following me knows that the martial arts & the traditional cultures surrounding them are my soul.

Effective immediately, I am hereby canceling the remainder of my group classes indefinitely and focusing on my own training & improvement as well as that of my children. Outside of my family members, those whom I teach with any semblance of regularity will be those who know how to appreciate what I teach and how I teach it, without weighing me down with responsibilities to change behaviors that I'm neither paid for nor entitled to regulate.

I will continue to teach at workshops (such as those of StrongFirst, Functional Movement Systems, Beachbody, or other groups that I am affiliated with). I will also continue to maintain my private client roster, although I will only be accepting new clients by referral only. A list of instructors that I've trained & recognize will be posted here in the coming weeks.

I'm also going to make a concerted shift to putting more & more of my best stuff on DVD, such as with Kettlebell Warrior, so that neither you or I are limited by time & space. If you want to learn what makes me tick, what lifts my heart, and what restores my body (as well as that of my patients & clients), then I'll do my best to make it accessible to you.

Looking forward to a strong, bright, and shining future to us all!