Sunday, October 28, 2007

Congratulations are in order

For those of you who haven't met him yet, Anton Summers, RKC (a student of Pavel's and mine) passed his Hapkido black belt test last night. Anton began his study of Hapkido directly with the late Master Bong Soo Han and tested in front of Master Han's senior black belts.

Please join me in congratulating one of KBLA's finest RKCs as he joins the ranks of black belt martial artists!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The lasting effects of strength training

Almost 2 weeks without touching a kettlebell... That's gotta be a PR in terms of layoff spans for me since I first got my RKC. Thank God to be back from Thailand and back at home in LA.

Thailand was great in terms of Krabi-Krabong & Muay Boran training, but I missed my KBs and was a little concerned about how I'd be feeling after laying off for those 2 weeks. I was also concerned since I haven't touched a weight for a while, but my left side still troubles me. I needn't have worried.

This morning at the Inosanto Academy, I pressed the 53lb KB for reps on my left side. While it was only a set of 5, that's still a considerable improvement over what I was able to do before I left the US. Shocked that I was able to maintain and improve on my strength even without having access to weights or KBs. Now that I'm back at training, I can only look forward to my strength and mobility improving even more!

I'll keep you guys posted.

Best always,