Monday, March 1, 2010

NYPD, NYFD, and the rest of the first responders & military around the Big Apple...

We're showin' you love.

That's right. The Chinaman & the Viking are showing you mad love for all you do for the Big Apple. All your hard work & sacrifices are earning you a big pat on the back from the 2 of us in the form of today's decision to offer you a 50% off discount from our already low "early bird" workshop price.

So if you're POLICE, FIRE, EMT, or any other first responder or active duty military, drop Antonio Cordova, RKC II, a line at with the Subject line reading "Doc & Dane First Responder Registrant", and we'll get you squared away.

You'll still have to register via Paypal or your department will have to issue a check (contact Antonio for instructions), but we want you to know how much we appreciate you, and how much we know that you CONSTANTLY put your bodies on the line for us.

We want to make you more efficient at:
- taking down the bad guys,
- yanking a kid out of a rain swollen flood channel,
- hoisting an old lady out of a burning building,
- controlling an inmate who's trying to test you for weakness,
- getting out of bed without pain,
- having the strength, energy, & endurance to play with your kids after work, and
- living life with the vitality of a warrior, even if your job is not combat-based.

So let us show you how to take care of that precious body of yours so that you've got stronger, faster, leaner, better, happier, and healthier years ahead of you with it!

This time, we've got your back!