Friday, March 7, 2008

GOD, I love this $hi# !!!

It's a beautiful thing when you get a rush from what you do for work. It is an ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL thing!

As many of you know, I started off with my clinic, the Chung-Hua Institute, focused intensely on orthopedic medicine and using the lens of traditional Chinese manual medicine (Tui-Na) as my main modality for healing treatment, with acupuncture, herbal medicines, and Chi Kung instruction as secondary methods.

I love Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and I came to love it through my participation in traditional Chinese martial arts, which I've taught for well over a decade now.

And now that I'm really doing a lot more cutting edge stuff with kettlebell rehab, thanks to my education with Pavel, Gray Cook, Brett Jones, Rif, and guys like them, my workdays are just a buzz for me!

The last patient I just saw this evening came in to see me because he had incredible lower back pain. He's a young guy and was none-too-thrilled about the prospect of not being able to play the sports he loved (basketball, volleyball, & golf) because of the sharp pain and incredible cramping he was experiencing in his lower back. He expressed his dim hopes that he'd at least be able to move without having to suffer those horrible lower back cramps. His MD recommended kettlebell training as a possible means of strengthening and rehabbing his back, but his physical therapist scoffed at the idea.

I ran some basic orthopedics tests on him, and there were no major problems with nerve root compression, joint misalignment, or anything that would really require intervention. However, his posterior chain was quite weak and his hips were inflexible. From just focusing on Wall Squats, KB deadlifts, KB swings, & pistols, he regained his ability to move in a vital, strong, powerful fashion. Halfway through the second session, I took him out to the balcony and had him sprint, side shuffle, and leap. He was shocked with not only his ability to do those moves at full speed and full commitment, but to be able to do them without pain.

After 2 kettlebell rehab sessions, he could move fully without any sign of pain or hesitation, and expressed his satisfaction with being able to move strongly without apprehension and the joy of being able to function pain-free.

I tell you... Those sorts of moments fill most of my days. How can I not love what I do? :)


Takeonestripperpole said...

That sounds like a perfect way to end your work week! Hope the weekend is just as fun!

MarkFu said...

We met Doug and Will at the Fit Expo show and Will suggested we might enjoy training with your group in Santa Monica. Hope to make it there from the OC soon!