Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thai Martial Arts - Krabi Krabong & Muay Boran with Colonel Nattapong Buayam

He's cooooooooooming!!!

My Thai martial arts master, Col. Nattapong Buayam is coming to LA starting on March 9, 2009, for just over a week of hardcore Thai weaponry (Krabi Krabong) and old-style empty hand fighting (Muay Boran). I'm going to be one happy (and probably quite sore) Chinaman for the time that he's here!

Wanna talk about a badass? Col. Nattapong taught hand-to-hand and weapons tactics to the Thai Special Forces, some of Southeast Asia's most rough & tumble warriors.

I last saw the Colonel in November 2007 in Thailand, where I spent just over a week training with him. The picture above is of us just after my discipleship ceremony with him immediately following my last training session with him. I went from barely having any experience with weapon sparring to being able to freestyle with him just hard enough to see sparks come flying off the swords in the broad daylight of Bangkok.

Right now, we have ONE public workshop scheduled for Saturday, March 14th, but the details on that are still being hammered out. Keep checking back for more details!

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