Monday, February 2, 2009

Hard Style, High Density... The Aftermath

I thought the workshop I did at the Harris Academy this past weekend was fun, but evidently the initial reviews are rockin'!

The best moment of the whole seminar was working with a Marine who injured his back on deployment. Just by implementing the basics of proper Hard Style with an MVC, I had him return to doing the swings that had irritated his back and asked him how his back felt afterwards. His reply was as priceless as the Mastercard commercials - "Bulletproof!"

Read about it here:

Wow... I'm flattered! Now to get back to practicing my Press and my Korean. "Hanguk Hard Style" is coming up soon...


Spencer said...

Korean Hardstyle? Do tell, Doc.

Unknown said...

It's where we'll be rewarding the people who pass the ROP with a Korean BBQ dinner and throw rotting kimchee at the people who keep doing the Turkish Get-Up improperly. :-D

Actually, I've got an invitation to teach in Seoul next month, so we've gotta iron out the details soon and get cracking.