Sunday, February 8, 2009

Friends and Kettlebells

The morning started off with relatively dry ground and a negligible drizzle, and it blossomed into a great training session with the sun shining down on us for a respite from the rain!

I'm sure everyone else must've thought that there was no way I'd be out holding class, but I woke up with the drive to move some iron, and anything short of a downpour wouldn't have stopped me.

RKCs Dr. Jeff McCombs & John Spezzano and one of our regulars (Carl) joined me out at the park this morning for what was a fun, and surprisingly challenging workout. Since the crew was small and everyone was fairly experienced, I decided not to teach, but just to workout for a blessed change.

The rules were simple. Everyone picks a bell that we're not afraid to do anything with for reps. Each person picks an exercise & reps that won't require us to lie down on the wet grass (i.e., Turkish Get-Up or Armbar), and sets reps that are considerate of the possibility that the next guy in the rotation will call something out that will be challlenging in another way.

With a smorgasbord of Swing variants, Clean & Jerks, Clean & Presses, Snatches, Overhead Walks, Hot Potatoes, Goblet Squats, and Squat Cleans, my legs left a little more rubbery than when they arrived, and my upper body felt grooved. I'm glad to be spending more time training lately. With such a focus on the integrity of teaching, it's proof positive that "change of activity is a form of rest"!


SG Human Performance said...

Way to practice what you preach Mark!

SG Human Performance said...

Way to practice what you preach (teach) Mark!