Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More Workshops and Seminars & A Quick Thank You

Coming up next week - Some VERY intensive Thai martial arts (Krabi Krabong & Muay Boran), as explained briefly in the post below. Right now, it looks like the only "OPEN" workshop we're having is on Saturday, March 14th from 4-6pm at the Inosanto Academy. Contact the Academy for more information or to register.

The day after that will be the REBOOT! kettlebells & corrective strategies workshop in Irvine, California, hosted by California Martial Arts & Kettlebells Orange County. From what I hear, this is almost completely sold out. If you're interested in attending, holler at Kingston Heng, RKC right away.

Right after that, off to Korea for Hanguk Hard Style for the last week of March.

A few days back to get re-orientaled with the time change and then Hard Style, High Density" in Riverside, California hosted & assisted by Gary Toppins, RKC on April 5th.

Easter Sunday will be here in LA with my family, and then the next weekend, we're off to the Selective Functional Movement Assessment - Level 2 with Gray Cook in Phoenix, Arizona.

And just added to the schedule is a special kettlebells and combatives workshop that we're unveiling at F2 Strength in Modesto, CA, where I'll be assisted by Chuck Halbakken, RKC II.

That takes us to May, where I'll be heading to Denmark to assist & hang with my Viking brother & Master RKC Kenneth Jay, and to Team Lead at the RKC Instructor Certification Workshop in Copenhagen, and sprinting back to the states to assist with the CK-FMS workshop with Gray Cook & Master RKC Brett Jones.

I'm scheduled to be attending the RKC II in June, but we may have a schedule conflict with moving, so that's a little iffy.

There are a couple more workshops requested for the later half of 2009, but the details are still being hammered out. You'll be kept posted for sure.

Every time I travel, I come back shocked at how many people I meet who give me an incredible amount of positive feedback on this blog. It still shocks me how many people read and benefit. To all of you who are reading and have found worth in these posts, thank you for making it so worthwhile to do what I do.


Nikki Shlosser said...

Are you moving?? (comment re RKCII)

Unknown said...

Possibly. Our target date is around then, but nothing's cast in stone.