Sunday, May 10, 2009

The new KBLA gear!

We'll get the adult pics posted soon, but these pics of Squealie stylin' the KBLA T-shirt should give you an idea of what we've got. These 100% cotton black shirts are available in short & long sleeve. The adult sized shirts have a large logo on the front and a smaller logo in the upper back, crested by the KBLA URL.

To order, just follow the directions on the drop down menus, and we'll get your gear off to you once I'm back from Denmark. Orders placed between May 10 & May 19 will ship out on May 22.

NOTE: The KBLA RKC gear (such as jackets & dri-weave shirts) is for only those RKCs who train with me regularly.

Shipping options
Please specify size: S - XXL

Shipping Options
Please specify size S-XXL

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