Friday, May 22, 2009

More pics of the new KBLA gear

Yeah, I know... the Denmark debrief will be posted later. So much to catch up on right now, and still fighting the jetlag. I have no idea how constant travellers like Sifu Dan Inosanto do it.

Here are a couple more pics of the new KBLA long & short sleeve T's fresh from the field of battle in Copenhagen... as well as a pic of me stylin' the new KBLA RKC jacket.

Here's Dr. Zolnai Vilmos, a Hungarian Shotokan champion, a dental school professor, a student of the legendary Gabi Katschthaler, and Team Cheng's technique champion styling the new long sleeve T-shirt

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Please specify size S-XXL

And another pic of Danish Army Sgt. Kevin Lassen with me in the KBLA short sleeve T.

Shipping options
Please specify size: S - XXL

The backs of the shirts have the same logo, but smaller, just underneath the rear neckline URL. It's exactly like what you see on Squealie's shirt below. Remember that the prices have shipping & handling included, so a short sleeve shirt to Europe is just $30 total. These are selling faster than I expected so get yours while they're still in stock!


Gabi said...

Now I know, Doc, what it feels like to be a "celebrity"... Embarrassing :)

'Twas sooo good to see you again!

Unknown said...

Gabi, your celebrity is just in its infancy! Just wait!

It made my heart smile to see you again. Next time, hopefully we'll have the chance to spend some quiet time hanging out. :-)