Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day weekend kettlebell training

As has become KBLA tradition, when there's a holiday that honors those who sacrifice in the name of our safety, we follow suit.

I don't need to remind you all of the importance that the men & women in uniform hold to your country, to your society, and to your way of life. If I do, then you might want to pull your head out of the sand.

There are a few individuals whom I've seen poo-poo the efforts of civilians to pay tribute to those who've made the ultimate sacrifice while serving their country. Those individuals might want to perform a serious gut check and take a long look in the mirror before blurting out any more garbage.

This weekend, this Sunday, if you've been on deployment or are currently active duty, come by.
Come train.
Come get the best that the RKC system of strength and kettlebell training has to offer.
And come as our guest.

We salute you.


Coach RJ said...

I have not been in the military but will be standing tall at the Line Up to salute our men and women that have served. Fitness=Freedom. Let's throw down Sunday HARD style!

Unknown said...

Focusing on pure fundamentals, we brought the swings...

An ascending ladder to 21 swings to salute the men & women in uniform from the men & women of KBLA!

We were grateful to have 3 Marines grace our training that morning as well.