Monday, February 18, 2008

KBLA rocks the Russian Kettlebell Challenge

With 4 folks vying hard for ascension into the ranks of RKC-certified kettlebell instructors, KBLA was well represented.

Grace Chiplinsky, Dr. Jeff McCombs, and Sensei Gary Toppins are now fully RKC certified. Adam Chiplinsky, whom I wrote about in a prior blog post, came within a hairbreadth, passing all of his requirements aside from missing his snatch numbers by a mere 8 reps!

After conferring with his Team Leader, I will most likely be able to re-test him back here in L.A., and as soon as Adam makes his numbers, he too will be part of the RKC consortium that KBLA is.

Please join me in congratulating these 4 outstanding individuals!.... Then get your arses out to the beach on Sunday mornings at 0700 to feel what KBLA's finest can do for you!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats, everyone.


Mark Reifkind said...

well done Team KBLA! I am wearing your T shirt now as I type,I love it! Mark it was so great to see and work and hang with you this weekend.we are kindred spirits it seems:)
and Grace did you all proud in my group as she started off strong and then raced ahead!AN excellent weekend and I wish I was going to Sootland too!
take care all


Dr. Mark Cheng said...

Rif, we gotta get a pic of you in that shirt!!!

Thanks again for your instruction and guidance this weekend. As an RKC Team Leader, I'll go on record stating that I'm always pleased to have the chance to learn from your insights!

KBLA rocks the house, and Rif is part of the KBLA family!