Sunday, February 3, 2008

Chinese New Year --- High Hopes & Hard Work

Even the kid's at work...

Chinese New Year is right around the corner. It'll be the Year of the Rat on February 7th, 2008..... my year.... my 36th year on Earth. By the Chinese-Korean reckoning, I'll be 37 in September.

The Chinese believe that when it's your year, it's going to go either really well, or really poorly. Instead of being preoccupied with the hype, I'm going to let go of all that. This year, and every day of it, should be treated like any other day from any other year.

I've got some seriously high hopes for this year... including major projects, lots of domestic & international travel, and hardcore training. God-willing, I'll be able to accomplish it all and come home to spend more time with my family... something that I've been missing greatly. Thank God that I'll at least be home for my son's 2nd birthday at the end of this month!

So much has already been accomplished in the past few months, too... promotion to RKC Team Leader, lots of writing off my plate, earning my BJJ blue belt, and plenty of groundwork laid for bigger, better things.

But there's NEVER a time to rest on your laurels..... NEVER.

While it's good to smell the roses once in a while, we have to stay driven to achieve, to succeed, to live. Complacency is the first step towards death, and I'm not ready to die just yet.

So while there is no shortage of hard work ahead of me (professional, physical, and psycho-spiritual), there are also high hopes that such work will pay dividends for myself and for others who are attached to each and every endeavor. As I've grown older, my hopes are less about myself and more geared towards how something I do can create positive repercussions for those who choose to be part of my group.

Perhaps that's just another example of Social Synergy at work. Better get back to work. The Kettlebells Los Angeles shirts are here & selling like MAD!

For those of you who've ordered one, I'll get them ready to mail out by Tuesday morning. For those of you who'd like one, I'll post a pic of them up here tomorrow!


Franz Snideman said...

Things are rocking for you Mark! You certainly deserve it! Yoana really liked you teaching style and told me she was very imressed with how you carry yourself and how professional you are!

Rock on man!

Dr. Mark Cheng said...

Yoana's too kind, my friend. Actually, I was really happy with the assembly of Team Leaders that we had on Saturday. There was good energy with that group, and I'd love to see another get together like that with all of us again.

Much love to you & the family, Franz. I'm looking forward to seeing you guys again in SJ.

Kettlebell Instructors/0311 said...

post brother, happy new year.


Mark Reifkind said...

You earned and deserve all the great things have had happened for you and that will happen in the future. just glad I get to work with you and call you friend. you are a class act.

Dr. Mark Cheng said...

Rif, you are someone I look up to immensely and nobody's happier about the synergy we share than me.

I'm THRILLED to be serving as your assistant, Rif. I've been hoping for that for a long while, ever since I first got my cert.

Also, what size T-shirt to you wear?

Mark Reifkind said...

unfortunately still a medium, :(
Yes I too am thrilled to be able to spend some quality time with you,especially at this great new cert.