Monday, January 19, 2009

International Kettlebell Training Workshops & Seminars

Before I met Pavel Tsatsouline, if you told me that I'd be travelling the world to teach how weight training can actually rehabilitate the body, I'd have told you either to go somewhere that Dante wrote about or to ease up with the inhalants.

Nowadays, I can't believe my eyes when I look at my monthly calendar and see the places I'm off to and how often I'm back at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). When the emails come in asking me to do a workshop here or there, domestically or internationally, part of me is still shocked that I'm getting paid well to do what I would have never imagined was even possible - to use a kettlebell to dramatically improve someone's quality of life by taking them out of pain and putting them back in the game of life with powerful movement.

2009's barely begun, but already, I'm fielding emails from 4 continents asking me for local workshops this year! The domestic USA requests are mind-boggling... nevermind the RKC instructor certification workshops that I'll be appearing and teaching at.

To those of you who've been e-mailing, to those of you who've been reading this blog, and to those of you whom I have and will have the opportunity to interact with... I PROMISE you that I will constantly make every effort to deepen my understanding of the subjects I am passionate about and improve my abilities to communicate the myriad of benefits that my mentors' training methods can and will bring.

And, yes, I'll blog about the Camp Pendleton RKC sometime this week before I'm at LAX again on Friday morning!


Rita Nemeth, RKC said...

Dear Doc,
we would love to have you back to Hungary again soon!!! Is there hope that you would come this year?
Team Cheng Forever!
Very truly yours,
Rita, RKC, Team Cheng :-)

Unknown said...

Dearest Rita,

Hmmmm, I don't know what the schedule is like for Hungary, but I have yet to be asked to return to Team Lead there for 2009.

I would, however, be honored to return, to teach, and to see my dear Hungarian friends & colleagues again!

Now, when are you coming to the USA??? ;-)

Please give my best to Erwin, Monti, and everyone else from the first Hungarian RKC that you still keep in touch with!

Much love,