Thursday, April 10, 2008

Still Snifflin'

Damn... I don't know what's taking me so long to kick this thing completely, but my nose is still a little sniffly. It's like Custer's last stand up in there. My lungs are basically clear, aside from the occasional furball (as Pavel would call it), but I'm still not yet at 100%. Bollocks, I say!

Started the morning off with a little more Taegeuk action 5 reps each of 1-3, then hit the beach to train a client. As the session wrapped up, Courtney got to do her workout, and Pavel rolled up wearing the KBLA shirt. I couldn't have been happier without a winning lottery ticket. :)

While my client was taking breaks between sets, I hit the pullup bar to whip a quick 5 reps out (sternum to bar) and demonstrated fine points of the clean, allowing me to sneak in 10L/10R @ 24kg. Later, while Courtney was training and I was watching Squealie, I snuck in a little more GTG'ing. While Squealie was sitting on my shoulders and watching Uncle Pavel doing his TGUs, I did Cub pistols 2L/2R. I also snuck in a few reps of my favorite Kossack-Pistol combo 5L/5R, still with Squealie on my shoulders.

It's amazing how much extra work it is to do something with a moving object. The pistol-Kossack exercise I do usually isn't much of a strain with a 35lb KB, but a 20-some pound toddler on my shoulders felt like more work for sure!

Since today's a relatively family-oriented day (although I have a business dinner from 5 - 10pm, I'm going to try to crank out some more KB work when/if Squealie the Cub goes down for his afternoon nap. Wish me luck!

On another note, I just heard from my dear friend and Scottish brother, Rannoch Donald, RKC, that he has to withdraw from the Denmark RKC to handle some things. While it certainly won't be anywhere near the same without my dear friend and compadre, it will still be a kick-arse time. Vadim Kolganov is coming, and I'm going to have a great time cranking out an interview with him, as well as assisting my mentor again.

That's all for now. Hopefully more in a bit! Going to go down some herbal concoction of mine and hope that it helps me kick the last little bit of this flu.

OK... after running errands, doing the domestic thing for a bit, and then spending the majority of the afternoon sitting in traffic on the 405 to see my accountant, I'm heading off to my business meeting & running late. Today might have to be my light day, and then I'll just pay for it dearly later tonight or tomorrow AM.... or... maybe I'll just look like a weirdo and sneak in a quick few pistols during bathroom breaks.

True to my prediction, the meeting ran WAAAAY late. Luckily, whenever one of the participants had to take a loo-break, the pistoling got some GTG love with a rep or two here & there. An end-of-the-day set, however, was not gonna happen. I rolled into the apartment at 11:30pm, kissed my son, and passed out cold.


Franz Snideman said...

Glad to hear your health is coming back to normal...minus a couple of fur balls every now and then!

Hope you get back to 100% very soon!

Rannoch Donald RKC said...


Great to see you on the mend. so disappointed not to be joining you in Denmark but we'll catch up in Scotland soon!



Boris said...

Furballs... I have those right now and they are no fun. Get completely well soon!

Dr. Mark Cheng said...

Franz, I'm back at 95%. Good enough to go snatch a 70 for a few reps today. :)

Brother Rannoch, looking forward to being back in EDI with you, mate. Miss you & the crew very much!

Boris-san, feel better yourself, my good friend. Each day, so far, I'm getting a little better.

I think this coming week's going to be my first week of absolute full-sprint madness as far as work & training. I've taken the past 4 days off from doing any of the computer work I need to do (mostly writing) to focus on spending time with the family and attempting to iron out some things. This Monday, when Courtney goes back to work in Pomona with Squealie, I'm not only going to have my regular load as far as client/patient load, but a MASSIVE load of writing & editing to do. I will be mainlining caffeinated beverages & doing a LOT of short swing/snatch sets here & there, plus the occasional pistol. Wish me luck, Brothers!