Monday, August 4, 2008

KBLA rocks the house Hard Styyyyyyyyyyyle!!!

The UCLA Russian Kettlebell Challenge Instructor Certification saw 11 members of KBLA join the exalted ranks of the RKC instructor consortium! By the end of this month, that number'll be 12. By any stretch of the imagination, no matter how you measure it, regardless of how you slice it, dice it, or crush it...

We came...

We saw...

We kicked some serious A$$!!!!!!!

Through the zillion & one overspeed swings, the RKC snatch tests, the VO2Max training, and the sheer brutality of the overhead sun, you guys represented me and the clan in truly incredible fashion.

My houseguest, the Dane of Pain himself, Kenneth Jay, received his promotion to Master RKC on Sunday. He and many other Team Leaders, Sr. RKCs, and Assistant RKCs commented to me on several occasions about how well the KBLA crew was prepared, how well they carried themselves, and how well they represented.

For those of you who stayed for the post-RKC cleanup effort, your attendance at all subsequent KBLA Sunday classes is completely free-of-charge for the month of August.

Also, I've made some modifications to the KBLA website, but there are a LOT of updates that need to occur as far as listing the new RKCs. Please send me your bio info and a digital photo of you in KBLA gear as soon as possible for inclusion. We're raising the bar for the entire RKC community, people, and as a result, we're raising the bar for ourselves as well. ANY and EVERY RKC instructor under the KBLA mantle will be expected to train directly with me either once a month in the Sunday group class or once every other month privately. Among the higher-ups, we've had plenty of conversations about how to enforce stricter quality control, even among the Team Leader ranks, and I'm starting with every man and woman in my own house... KBLA.

Also, a special congratulations to Guro John Spezzano for becoming the first in-house RKC-certified instructor at the Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts! Guro John is my martial arts tutor, my dear friend, and one of my finest kettlebell students. We're pictured above right after he was granted his RKC certification.

Another special congratulations goes out to newly minted Master RKC Mark Reifkind. As many of you know, Rif is a very, very dear friend to me, like an older brother, and his promotion and the minutes we got to spend together will be priceless memories to me.

Let's get back to work!!!!!! The CK-FMS is this coming weekend!!!


Spencer Starr said...

Congrats to all the newly minted KBLA RKC's! I was "victimized" by Kingston and saw more than a handful of the KBLA crew sweatin' it hard style and doin' KBLA VERY proud. Get those hands healed and we'll see you all at Clover Park on Sunday!

Robert said...

Had a great time at the RKC in LA. Thanks for all of your help and guidance Doc! I couldn't have done it without you. By this Sunday the hands will be healed and we'll be back at it!

Mark Reifkind said...

you are my brother mark and that will never change.Meeting and being able to work with you has been one of the best things in a big list of great things I've gotten from the RKC.what a pro you are on every level.and no one can match your spirit.See you again soon.this weekend was great and SO intense.Can't wait til I can process it all.see you soon and thanks so much for the kind words,and support.


Dr. Mark Cheng said...

Spencer, thank you for bringing your energy to KBLA. You're a treasure to us.

Robert, congratulations on your RKC and welcome to the KBLA family! It's only gonna get better, my friend!

Rif, I have always thought of you as my Team Leader and one whom I model my standard on. The time I have with you is truly a blessing. Much love & brotherhood!