Thursday, June 12, 2008

High Praise

This just in from Peter Lakatos, head of RKC Hungary, from his Krav Maga teacher, Eyal Yanilov, the senior-most man in Krav Maga in the world...

"Probably due incorrect weight lifting and use of KB I developed serious back pains, Had them for 2 months. I went through some treatments in Singapore and Israel to get rid of them, but they stayed. Then I met with Pavel and Mark in the RKC Instructors Course in Hungary. Some private tutelage with Pavel (techniques with the KB were corrected), a treatment with Mark and some training under the attentive eyes of them both and other RKC instructors the back pains vanished in a day and a half. In such training method the knowledge is valuable, and they have got it"
- Eyal Yanilov, IKMF chief instructor

Humbling, folks.... Damn humbling.

On the Positivity front:
This morning, I got to see Pavel again on the beach after not having seen him in over a month. I was working with a dear student who's prepping for the UCLA RKC and recovering from a host of medical issues. That student had a major breakthrough on the snatch today also. Another student (also an RKC candidate) also had a similar breakthrough earlier in the morning.

All of this after celebrating my 3rd wedding anniversary last night.

Good times, Folks! Good times.


Playing with Iron said...

Hi Doc,

Congratulations to you and Courtney!
Sheryl and I celebrate our 11th anniversary this Saturday.

BTW I won't be there on Sunday, I will be at a different Beach.
I am bringing my 24 kg to Huntington Beach for Father's Day.

Franz Snideman said...

Congrat's Mark!

and what a testimonial!!!

Rita Nemeth, said...

Dear Doc Cheng,
congratulations to you & Courtney and all the best for the next 50plus years!

I was glad to read the testimonial of Eyal, however, it did not surprise me a bit - on the contrary, I read it with great satisfaction and the proud, contented thought: "THIS man was my Team Leader at the RKC cert!"

Gabi said...

Wow, Doc, forget those few years of study in Filipino/Indonesian martial arts you said you'd need - you're obviously on the fast lane to become a Guru anyway ;) I'm smug to say I told you so :)))

Congrats to you & Courtney!

Iron Tamer said...

Rock on Doc & Courtney!

Boris said...

Congratulations Doc!