Thursday, May 8, 2008

Budapest RKC... It's gonna be interesting!

0730 at the base, just outside of Budapest... the pic above is the view from my room of the quad outside the dorms.

Advertised as having WiFi, the internet connection here is iffy at best, kind of like the hot water in the shower. If this post actually makes it up on my blog, I'll be bloody amazed. Normally when I open up IE or any other browser here, I get the no-internet-connection error message. On a whim, I gave it a try before leaving my room to wander around, and it worked.

It's a good thing I pulled a Chinaman and scrounged the Hilton amenity soaps in St. Paul, otherwise, Pavel & Kenneth Jay would've been a little less fresh this weekend.

It's an even better thing that Gabi, the wonderwoman from the Hungarian Courage Corner blog is staying right across the hall from me and she happened to bring an extra towel.

Breakfast begins at 0800, and the RKC officially begins at 0900. Amenities aside, this should be a rockin' cert. The Hungarians & other Europeans who are here have a STRONG will to learn this stuff, and they're eager to get going.

More later...


Nikki Shlosser said...


Franz Snideman said...

Awesome Mark! Great to see you spreading your influence on a global scale!

Keep it rocking brother!!!

Joe Sarti said...

You prior post was excellent and a great reflection. It is no wonder you are doing so well and so high on the list as a true representative of the RKC system. Continued success to you and your team in LA. I hope they all passed ;-)

Gabi said...

I'd gladly 'happen to bring an extra' pressostat for your shower, too, just to have you back in October :)

Authentic Strength Training said...

What up brother Doc, are you stateside? Heal and reveal.


Unknown said...

Nik, Franz, Joe, Gabi, & Big Willie, thank you all for your kind words. I am indeed back stateside and digging my way out of a mountain of paperwork & clinical work that has accrued in my absence.

The European Tour - Epilogue blog post is coming...

Much love,