Thursday, January 10, 2008

Big Willie Style!

One of the RKC system's biggest, baddest, and best instructors has recently relocated to the West Coast. Big Will Williams, RKC Team Leader and USMC alum, is now living in the San Fernando Valley, and he's rolling to the KBLA events both at the beach in Santa Monica and at the Inosanto Academy!

Big Willie was one of the Assistant Instructors at the RKC when I did my cert, and he hasn't stopped his achievements since. He came bloody close to taming the 106 lb kettlebell (The Beast Challenge) earlier this year the last time we were in St. Paul together.

I'm looking forward to welcoming him to the KBLA family, and I look forward to seeing you out on the beach with us on Sunday morning! TWO RKC Team Leaders teaching you the best of Hard Style!

GET SOME!!!!!!!


Iron Tamer said...

I seen him up close, he ain't so big. maybe 250lb?

I am so very happy that you guys are out there to eradicate the sissyness from the West Coast!

JB said...

I trained exclusively with Will in the burbs of Philly for over 3 years. He introduced me and many, many more to the ways of the bell. We all miss him terribly! (except the pull-ups, or attempts thereof)

Southern Cal is luckier than they know. Don't be surprised if a few of us former comrades make the 3000+ mile trip and show up to participate. Just a matter of time ....

Jackie Murphy

Anonymous said...

I too live in the San Fernando Valley (North Hollywood) and am interested in trying kettlebell training.
How do I contact Will Williams?
I can be contacted at

Dr. Mark Cheng said...

Your message has been forwarded to the big man.

Enjoy the pain!