Thursday, August 16, 2007

Climbing back up - The Kettlebell Rehabilitation process

Thanks to all of you who've sent me e-mails over the past few weeks, wishing me a speedy recovery. No matter what someone accomplishes, the support of the people around him/her is an utterly priceless factor in their progress and success. Thank you again for that... from the bottom of my heart.

Yesterday was the first time since my "problem" that I was able to snatch a 53 lb KB again with my left side. While my left handed press was far from up to snuff, the snatch started reactivating atrophied muscles. The snatches weren't anywhere near as solid as those on my right side, but God-willing, they will be by the September RKC!

The majority of my left-sided workout is centered around the 35 lb-er. While I can certainly do 2-handed swings with the 70 and 2-KB swings with 53s, the 35 is the safest weight that I can control without doubt. Scary to think that not even a month ago, I was pressing a 70 lb KB, huh?

What's amazing to me, though, is the rapidity with which I'm regaining strength. The last time I had an atrophic muscular problem several years ago, I remember my left side looked like someone left it in a river with hungry piranhas. The atrophy was so pronounced and the scapular winging was really obvious. This time, I'm glad I have the rehabilitative technology available to me to manage this and rebound from it.

For those of you who are thinking about going to the RKC, sign up for the San Jose cert. I look forward to having the pleasure and honor of meeting you there, and to help (as Pavel would say) make better men out of you all, even the ladies. :-D

And if you want to find out more about rehabilitative kettlebell technologies and practices, check out the RKC II! It's come a LONNNNNNNG way since the first RKC II and it's truly worth its weight in gold.

Train hard, train smart, train KETTLEBELLS!

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